Saturday, February 11, 2012

All Life's a stage

 This is what I wore during the day on Friday! I am so behind in emails, posts etc.. cause life is going at 110 miles and I am trying to keep up being sick and all....

The inspiration was from this tiny photo in an older magazine:
I have always liked the hot pink and red combination and this was cool with the light tan jacket...

These red flared pants are ridiculous old! And they are machine washable!

Blazer Jacket - part of an Ann Taylor suit
Blouse - Express
Pants - Forever 21
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - Givenchy 

Had the kids' preschool today. Followed by as quick as can be costco shopping. I must have burned enough calories equivalent of doing an hour exercise. Between trying to shop for 3 parties plus 2 dinner parties that will take place at our house this coming week and dealing with the kids and their desire to try every food sample and look at every book and forgetting an item and pushing to super heavy cart all the way to the back of the store... followed by loading the car and unloading it at home and putting it all away. You are exhausted at the end!
I hosted my first 'Kika Paprika' party to a small group of mommy friends at night.
It was so much fun preparing all the clothes and my marketing materials and brochures. It was a late starting party designed for mommies to come after the kids go to bed. My sister and fiance came over to help with the kids so I can do my last preperations.
I mad the mistake of waiting too long though for couple other people to come and started a bit too late so the party did not end until past midnight! Then I had to clean-up. Tired by happy.

I asked my husband to sneak in during the party to snap some photos which he did!

I am still awaiting items that I ordered for myself in my size. So wore this super cute top but it is 2 sizes too big. I ended up having to take it off anyway for my friends to try it on...

Tomorrow (Sunday's) party is going to be 8 people so this was a great warm-up party with 3!

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