Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Tartan

 Finally wearing another combo I had created with my mom's super old kilt skirt. 
This one was inspired by the November 2011 issue of Lucky Magazine:
Her skirt is red tartan and she added red tights and a red top. So I went with green top and green tights. I didn't have something super shaggy to wear so experimented with this 'bed jacket' I keep in the bedroom to wear when I am reading a book in bed to not get cold!

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 Top, Tights - Forever 21
Skirt, shrug - Vintage
Shoes - blowfish (zappos)

Uneventful day of preschool followed by an afternoon at home with family visiting to play with the kids.
It is amazing how much follow-up work there is to do with the new business and I have so little time to do it all. Pretty much living on very little sleep and caffeine and the adrenaline the excitement of starting something new!


  1. so lovely colors you wear! i love the skirt! iam following! follow me back??? thank you!

  2. Love. Love. Love that skirt! What a GREAT outfit!

    This one of my absolute favorites! How many compliments did you get in this ensemble? Too many to count I bet.

  3. My skirt never looked so cute and happy to be dressing you my little fashion Diva! Well not so little anymore:) I love how you put it together with green and brown shoes. As always unexpected combo which makes something old looking new again. Poor skirt has been waiting to be discovered for 10 years in the back of my closet!!!!

  4. hey, Your skirt as well as the whole ensemble looks sober! It appears as ECO-DRESSING. I liked it.
    Love NAqvee

  5. This reminds me of a red kilt skirt I used to have...hmmm...wonder where it went. My mom probably gave it away. Love your green one and that you stuck to green when styling it!

  6. Absolutely LOVE tartan! I have so many plaid items in my closet, this makes me want to brign them out more. You look so stylish ni the great green colour. -xo

  7. Beautiful ! I love this winter green !!!

  8. That beautiful green hue is definitely one of my fave colors! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!


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