Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catch of the Day

 This was my outfit Saturday while visiting my husband's parents after our trip to Disneyland...
It was another classic Bee (Atlantic Pacific) Inspired outfit:
Magenta pants, pastel plaid blouse, trench and pearls!

 If I was home I would have also showcased this outfit  with my nude heels but realistically these little purple wedges were much more appropriate... (see the activity below to prove my point!)

Utility Jacket/shirt - Gap
Plaid Blouse, Magenta Jeans - Forever 21
Pearls - Asos
Wedges - Zappos

Had a great fun day at my in-laws... They took us to this little man made pond filled with fish by Malibu for kids to experience fishing!
Afternoon was spent at home and I got to demo the new clothing line to my mother in law and made my first sale!
Since the kids refused to nap despite their over tired stage we put them down super early and had a nice peaceful dinner to celebrate my mother in law's b-day....

You really can fish in pearls and wedges!


 My father-in-law caught 3 fishes (trout). We brought them home and bbq'd them and they tasted great....


  1. You really look amazing...I love those magenta pants!!

  2. Kolyeni çok çok begendim ! Aynisini istiyorummmm ^^

  3. U look stunning Defne ;))) Love the jeans n those cute wedges ;))) xxx

  4. No problem about adding you to the blog roll--it's my pleasure!
    1. I love trout. They are amazing. I love them!
    You all look like you had such a fun day. I'm so jealous of your weather...
    2. This out is spectacular! It's almost an identical match as far as inspiration goes! Very nice. I love those pants, they are to die for!

    I Can Be Many Things

  5. Love how it all came together with the pearls and all and I do also love the purple wedges. Priceless photos of all of you fishing together!

  6. i love this outfit. the colors and the plaid are very nice next to each other. what a great experience for the kids to be able to catch fish like this.


  7. Love this oufit particularly becasue it screams spring! Great pants, love plaid, awesome necklace!


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