Friday, February 17, 2012

Funky Girl

 This fun layered outfit was inspired by a cool blog I found fairly recent called 'Fashion In Da Hat':
Of course I realize now I forgot to wear my hat that is just like this but then again I was at home and that would have been weird to wear a hat in my own home. 
I used the idea of fun graphic tee and layers of plaid shirt and cardigan. The polka dot hose layered with knee high socks and booties were also cool inspirations...

 I call this t-shirt the 'funky girl tee' in my outfit list. I was drawn to it when I saw it in the F21 twist collection last year. I have 3-4 outfits with it but wearing it for the first time just now!

Socks - Burlington
Everything Else - Forever 21

It was nice not having to rush to get out of the house this morning. We just got our house ready and hosted a playdate for 3 other mommies and their 6 children. The kids amazingly got along while the mommies had a chance to check out the new clothing line I am selling. They had so much fun trying on things and making outfits. I realize now this method might also work in controlled small groups. For those mommies who have no way of leaving their kids these types of playdate slash shopping parties seem to work great.
And the best part is I don't have find a sitter for my kids either.

After naps I gave the kids an early bath so I can take them out to dinner with my best friend and mom to give my hubby one night of peace at home. We tried to prolong the time but it is hard to keep them entertained in a restaurant even with frozen yogurt afterwards. We came home and kept them upstairs until bedtime.
Now sitting and watching recorded new show 'The River'. Have you guys seen it? Seems pretty cool.


  1. One of your best outfits :-) Your socks really up the cool factor.

  2. Ah..funky girl indeed! Love it! You are working it. Love the tights and socks and my fav part of the outfit is those KILLER shoes...awesome.
    Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  3. so sexy!!!!!


  4. Oh! It´s so nice that you took one of my outfits like inspiration, that makes me very happy :)

    You look awesome!

  5. Such a cute, playful outfit. The shoes rock.

    I love how adventurous you are with fashion. You inspire me.

  6. Merhaba kiziniza ve oglunuza bayildimmm masallah superler ne tatlilar:) darisi bana:)

  7. canim benim
    surekli izliyorum seni
    ve gercekten cok hos kombinler, bayiliyorum hepsine;)
    cok guzel yakistiriyorsun kendine, masallah sanaa:)
    kocaman optum

  8. Great take on the inspirational outfit. I like how you made it your own.

  9. Love the shoes and the socks! You look sexy!



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