Monday, February 13, 2012

When the levee breaks

 This was my outfit yesterday (Sunday). 
The inspiration was from an older issue of Vogue:
I actually would have worn my light grey suit blazer but it was at dry cleaner's so went with this tan one instead:

Suit Jacket - Ann Taylor
Tee, Jeans, Necklace, sunglasses - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden

Took the kids to Turkish school and signed them up for the new semester. My mom met me there so we can chat while they were in class. After naps my husband took them to my mom's house so I can get ready for my second Kika Paprika Introduction party at my house. Since I am the one and only consultant in my city pretty much no one has heard of the line and I have decided to hold a few 'introduction' parties at my house so I can show the line to my friends and family and get them excited with the hopes that they would host a party for me for their friends.
The party was great. The gals were super efficient in trying on clothes and making their decisions. I love watching everyone try on the clothes and see who likes more and how each looks on different ladies.
I have a lot of clean-up and organizing to do today to catch-up...
I had no time to take my photo when I wore my Kika outfit so bummed!


  1. yes, the party was very cool. You did a great introduction and even though I have seen the clothes earlier got excited enough and did not want to wait till my party and ordered already. ı am really looking forward to receive it and I have developed so many ways to wear it. You just have to feature me with them when it comes:) Love your cords and your necklace is gorgeous!

  2. Loving the boots tucked into the pants. Red and khaki always look great together.

  3. I'm totally coveting those boots!


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