Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

 This was my outfit yesterday (Friday)... The inspiration came from the Nov 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine:

I wore the animal print crop cardigan backwards to have the high neck part in the front. And the vest is longer so covers the cropness of the cardi.

Vest, Top, Boots, Necklace - Forever 21
Pants - Romwe
Purse - Thread Show

After Preschool and naps we had a huge group of people at our house for a going away party for one of our friends who are moving away. It was absolute chaos but so much fun at the same time. The boys went a bit out of control and demolished my daughter's room but thank goodness to the 'army of mom's' as my husband called we managed to put it back in order.
I realize now it is not just our kids that build friendships. Without realizing we have built such amazing friendships and connections and you don't realize how much they mean to you until the possibility of loosing them. My friend and I were in tears and it is going to be such a hard separation. I don't think our kids who are great buddies are going to hurt as much as we will.
I thought after a certain age separations and good-bye's were behind us but I am reminded again how much they hurt.
Have you said good-bye to a good friend lately?

Will miss you so much!


  1. I think it's because as we get older our relationships get deeper. We get more involved and on deeper levels. Love the bright fun colors in the outfit, and the leopard, of course!

  2. Separations make me as sad now as they always did. Probably because, as oomph says, our relationships are deeper as we get older.

    The good news is that, in modern society, it's easier to stay in touch with friends through social media. Good luck with your parting.

  3. Love the orange pants...and I agree with you about separating being hard. Sometimes I think the friendships we develop through our kids are even stronger!

  4. Love your pants and with animal print orange really looks cool. Love your necklace too and the boots are perfect for completing the whole look. Me and Neal will also miss you Juli and Mateo and Diego for sure!!!

  5. wow! i love it!


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