Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting 'ziggy' with it

 Wearing another cool piece from the Kika Paprika collection today. The top is called 'Deb' and comes in two patterns. This one is called 'ziggy'. I will be wearing this top in a much different combination but today wanted to go all western.

Isn't the print and the colors so pretty! The other print is also very cool and totally different. I will wear that someday too even though it is a bit big on me...

This is another 'cookie lee' piece I sell. I just love the style and the colors of this necklace. It is called 'beachcomber'. :)

I have been dying to wear this hat I bought last spring I think from the british website 'Next'. I love that it is a 'low key' cowboy hat and the trim with aqua and coral buttons is just a perfect compliment to this top...
My husband said he hates the whole 'country' look but then added 'I guess it works on you'! He is coming around to my every changing style from day to day!

Top - 'Deb' in print 'ziggy' by Kika Paprika
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Via Spiga
Hat - Next
Earrings - Forever 21
Necklace - Cookie Lee

Our morning started with a slew of errands starting with Pediatrician follow-up appointment, lunch, grocery stop and gas station stop. Finally made it to my friend's house for her Easter Playdate by 12:30PM.
She had a big gathering planned so worked together to get ready while the kids played. My daughter decided to do her own thing and played by herself for over 2 hours never really engaging with the boys. She was very content though. Probably happy to be not being forced to nap.
By early afternoon the guests arrived. It was a large crowd with lots of kids. My friend set-up this huge table for kids to color and decorate eggs. Followed by a big egg hunt, then dinner and more play time.
It was a fun party.
We came home in time for a quick bath and bedtime as the kids were filthy from playing outside all day long.

This was the first egg she decorated all by herself!

My son with his two masterpieces...

My friend's son!

They have a giant trampoline that keeps kids busy for hours!

The mad rush for the egg hunt begins!

She finds one in a shoe!

Aren't these adorable?


  1. kids are amazing :)

  2. Very cool top. Could be the centerpiece of any outfit.

    And your kids always do such fun things. Any chance you'd adopt me??

  3. I love your top!!!



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