Friday, April 6, 2012

Urban Boho

Today's outfit was inspired by this Chictopia post from December 2011:
I have to confess the tucking of the skirt did not stay like this for more than half hour.  But it was a cute idea...
I liked the black tights under the nude chiffon skirt. Since it would have been a bit too warm I swapped her grey sweater for my stylemint grey tee instead...

The 'I am almost not crazy' tee from Stylemint...

Jacket, Hat - Forever 21
Tee - Stylemint
Skirt - Romwe
Boots - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

Had another nice playdate this morning at a friend's house. This was the house of my son's big crush. They had a pretty nice size yard and the kids had so much fun.
Afternoon I dropped them off at my mom and stepdad's house and took sometime for myself.
I tried to gather my girls last minute with no success so decided to do some store browsing instead. I haven't been inside a store for so long it seemed. I got to truly walk every single isle of TJ Maxx for example.
But first I went to this thrift store my mom had been raving about called 'My sister's closet'. I could have never gone there with the kids cause as you know thrift stores require you look through everything.
I managed to find some super cool pieces and somehow they all went together. The girls that worked there so amazed that they kept checking the garment like they couldn't believe all this was in their store and they missed it somehow. I am not surprised cause the main item was this super bright neon nylon jacket by nine west shaped very boxy 'shift dress' style. I loved it. I topped it over a black and white gingham checked taffeta mini skirt with these hip pleats which complimented by curveless body perfectly.
Then found this chiffon blouse with a black and white newspaper like print with touches of pink/red roses and tiny touches of yellow so that also went great under the neon jacket. I already had 4 outfits in my outfit list with a neon top so this is going to be the perfect addition. And for $20 it was perfect.
The skirt was $15. The blouse $8. Even found a black and white gingham blouse I had been looking for. It is cotton and not silk like I wanted but for $5.50 it will do for now.
I also did some much needed shopping for the house later from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Bought nesting end tables, a new hamper and some cute utensils for the kitchen!


  1. OMG what a great idea to tuck the skirt looks very cool! I also need that t-shirt the writing goes very well with my personality:) So glad you discovered My sister's closet and evidently there is more of them in California. You needed to have some time for yourself and shopping is the best threapy being in your natural habitat feels good:) I know it ia an inside joke but you know that is how we feel at TJMaxx!!!

  2. you look totally the tucked skirt idea but yeah i dont think its workable in real life.....but good for fashion posing!!

  3. Hi mommy friend! :) It's wonderful to be able to create new options with the same piece of clothing. From time to time I also do some looks with my long skirts showing this same idea. The criatvidade is genius! Congratulations for daring! I loved your boots ♥ Thank you for remembering to visit my blog whenever you can! I appreciate very much! With each passing day their babies has become more beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. God bless you.
    *Sorry my english, I need to practice-rsrs
    Kisses ~.~
    Flavia Alessandri

  4. Well done !!! this is the perfect outfit !!!!


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