Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colored Eggs

Today's outfit or the color combination I should say was inspired by this January 2012 issue of In Style Magazine:

Love the mix of coral, aqua and mustard with touches of grey...

Love, love, love this built in necklace infiniti scarf from Anthropologie and my sister for buying it for me on Mother's day Last year!

Top, cords, purse - Forever 21
Scarf - Anthropolgie
Sunglasses - Thread Show
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

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Had two back to back work conference calls then immediately upon hanging up the phone greeted 6 mommies, 10 kids for a busy Easter Playdate at our house. My friend hard boiled 2 dozen eggs and we had the kids color and decorate them. My other friends were great patroling the kids to make sure they did not go upstairs and cause any damage to the kids rooms like last party. The kids looked like monkey's in a zoo enclosure at times climbing our swing set in very dangerous positions but they had a blast. Everyone brought yummy dishes to share for a potluck lunch and it was a lot of fun enjoying a very sunny and warm day.

Kids rested and napped afterwards and we had a quiet evening at home...

Celebrated the b-day of one of my daughter's friends at the end. Like these kids needed more sugar!


  1. çantana ve gözlüğüne bayıldım

  2. Really cute outfit for what looks like a super cool fun day.

  3. lovely casual chic outfit, and what a fab day.. those kids are so lucky to have such fun mums! :)

  4. so fun! love your outfit and looks like great times were had coloring eggs!! xo

  5. so cute! im loving the turquoise cords. great color combos on you!

  6. Love the aqua skinnies! I'm jealous of the egg dying. BB is allergic to eggs so I wouldn't want to risk it.

  7. Oh I love the pants and striped shirt! Great look!

  8. I'm loving that color combo, and I would have never known that the necklace and scarf were attached! super cute!
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  9. Beautiful colored denim!

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