Friday, April 13, 2012

Going Dark

 Decided to go with a 'dark' combo today... The cool weather is really throwing off my plans of what I want to wear... So came up with this on the fly...

 The midi skirt is the 'Ava' strapless dress from Kika Paprika that can also be worn as a skirt. I have worn it as a knee length skirt before but this time tried the 'midi' version with the rugged boots...

 Added the 'cookie lee' necklace and the bangle set I sell... Please comment if you are interested in these pieces...

Playing with special effects...

My little man wanted to pose with me...

Top - 'Elyse' in black from Kika Paprika $74
Skirt - 'Ava' in espresso from Kika Paprika $72
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Boots - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - Karen Walker
Necklace ($36), Bangle Set ($32) , Cuff Bracelet ($32) - Cookie Lee

Even though it was our 'free' day we actually got out of the house earlier than a school day. By 9:15 we were at the grocery store. First though did a stop at a bagel shop and Jamba Juice. 
After the groceries were put away, I had a lady stop by who we are partnering for this 'Spring Fashion Beauty Bash' we are putting together in May. The kids were good in the sense that the didn't bother us but bad because they were using breakable planter pots to fill with drinking water and dump in the back yard! Getting all the floors and themselves soaked in the process... We did a mid day bath as a result when the lady left followed by lunch and naps.
After naps was the first Karate Class. I got this great promotional deal where we paid $25 for 5 classes plus a free uniform! 
My son was super excited but my daughter got scared at first but then totally warmed up and loved it. I am glad they did a one on one introduction session before the official class. It really helped.
The 3-4 age group was a blast to watch...


  1. I love your kika skirt and the bangle set!Yes, cool weather is in the air again today... I love the kids in the uniform and would have loved to watch their karate lesson ,please remind me next time. I know you told me but I forgot:( Trevor's has the perfect free form hair for this and Juliet s bowing was so cute at the end:)

  2. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful children. I try to avoid wearing black and brown as I wore it so much in the past. but your interpretation looks fun!


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