Monday, April 9, 2012

Splashes of Pastels

 Today's Easter outfit was inspired by Bee (from Atlantic Pacific) again...
 I took the idea of a floral skirt with same tone gingham blouse over a solid blouse idea and applied to pieces I already own...

The neon yellow bracelet picked up the yellow blouse I had layered under the gingham one...

These are the new semi flatform wedges from Kohl's from the 'Simply Vera Wang' collection. The mustardy yellow color somewhat goes with everything...

Gingham Blouse - Ralph Lauren (from TJ Maxx)
Yellow Blouse - Koton from Turkey
Skirt - J Crew
Necklace - Asos
Sandals - Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

We had an amazing Sunday Easter Brunch at my mom and stepdad's this morning with the kids. My husband was supposed to join us after his morning tennis with my Dad but got stuck at home trying to make our pool heater/pump work instead. The kids enjoyed the company of all the family members and the warm weather was perfect.
Early afternoon our friends came over to our house for the first swim of the season. Except we couldn't figure out how to switch our pool equipment from winter to summer mode so the only thing that was warm enough was the hot tub. The kids did not care of course and had a blast.
We ordred pizza and salads for dinner and had a nice evening with friends.

Opening their gifts from the Easter Bunny who left them at our front door!

Mom's beautiful Easter Table;

With my little man who is enjoying something very sticky (hence the apron)...

With my beautiful sister who had the cutest outfit:

And my daughter wore another pretty outfit today this time from her Auntie (my hubby's sister):

The family and the two young girls who are currently renting a room my parents:


  1. Gorgeous clothes. At first glance, they look more understated than your usual choices but, upon closer examination, they have lots of interesting features. Adding yellow to the mix is inspired. I wish I could learn little tips like tying a shirt that cute.

  2. Love all the outfits and the great colors!

    Sounds like you guys had a great Easter weekend! :)

  3. Love your darling gingham shirt and your Easter tablescape!

  4. Such a lovely family. Your Easter outfit looks so chic. Love the idea of two shirts.

  5. OMG your daughter is so cute!!! Wonderful pictures :)


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