Friday, May 11, 2012

Center Stage

 I seem to be on some kind of aqua kick I realize now. The thing is I don't think about it until I look at the blog history that I have been doing aqua combo's for a few days in a row now!

This one was inspired by a cute blog I have discovered called 'Last Year of Twenty Something'! Not sure if she is going to change her blog title when she turns 30 in 6 months but it is very cute. She had posted this photo and I saved both combinations as inspirations:
 What I liked in the combo on the right was mixing orange with aqua green and pearls and touch of yellows.

The long necklace is from Target's new "Webster Miami' collection which I loved.

The fact that the bracelets match the shoes  is totally by luck!

Top - 'Elyse' in aqua from Kika Paprika
Pants, Necklace, bracelets, purse - Target
Scarf - H&M
Sandals - Asos

Had a playdate at our house with a friend I haven't seen in a while so it was nice to catch-up and have the kids re-connect again. We had envisioned a sunny day where we let the kids play with water table but of course murphy's law it was a cold and chilly day. But since we had both already promised the kids water play so we had to give in. Kids really could care less about the weather. And my daughter is obsessed with wearing her swim suits. After lunch and naps my parents took the kids for their Karate classes and ice cream than I met them for a dinner out.


  1. Awesome top ! I love its shape and the color is beautiful. I love your fringe bag too !!

  2. you look stunning!love the outfit!

  3. So cute! Love those colors together!


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