Thursday, May 10, 2012

Come out and play

 Today's outfit. Can you tell I am all into aqua and red these days? I added the black and white stripes to today's combo to make it more fun.

I liked these round red sunglasses when I visited Target the other day...

Everyone always compliments me on this leaf necklace made out of lava rock. Gift from my mom:

Jacket, Cors - Forever 21
Sunglasses, tee - Target
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Purse - Thread Show
Necklace - gift from Mom

Went to pre-school this morning then an idea was thrown to go to Phil's BBQ. All the mom's who did not pack lunch agreed to go. They gave us the back table in the patio so we didn't bother anyone else with 12 kids and only 6 adults. We enjoy these spontaneous lunch outings.  I am starting to realize how much not only the friendship between our kids have grown but between us as mommies as well. We see each other 3-4 times a week and share pretty much so many details of our lives. There is no one to cheer me more when I announce the potty accident streak my daughter was on has ended. It is the little things that bring us closer and as most of our kids are going to start school tomorrow the idea of of not seeing each other on a daily basis is looming in on us.
When we got home my daughter fell a sleep in the car and my son begged me if he could check out the pool temp and felt it was warm enough to swim. I was happy to see has not forgotten how to swim as he jumped over and over from the high wall and swam to the edge.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of days where both kids got haircuts but it was my daughter's first! and Kids have taken to putting on swim suits and dumping water from a bucket I fill over the slide and swings. Not sure why but they find it so much entertainment in this activity...


  1. love that you added the black and white jacket. adds oomph to the outfit! did you dye your hair darker?


  2. The stripes in the jacket make this outfit sing. And its design is equally impressive. I wish I could create a look as attractive as this. You're my fashion role-model.

  3. Excellent striped jacket1 I love it with the aqua coloured pants. Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear. -xx

  4. Love your outfit the color combination and that darling red fringed purse! Th sandals are also one of my favorites. I want to do red and aqua combo but have not done it yet. The stripes are adding an interest too. Perfectly done:) The kids pictures are always so funny and most the time they enjoy with games and thing that you would never guess seriously it does not not take much to entertain them and best of all they have each other!!!


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