Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We had a fun night out with the girls (and my step dad) tonight at a drag club!
Where else can you wear a tutu and get away with it? :)

I realize this looks total ballerina like but that is what I absolutely love about it... 

Layered two chunky necklaces...

When we parked the car this was in the parking lot and although it looked very dusty and dirty the girls insisted we take my photos cause it matched my outfit perfectly...

Cardigan - Sister's
Dress - Yesstyle
Booties - Juicy Couture
Necklace(s) - Gift and thread show
Bracelet (s) - Asos and Tilly's
Hat - Thread Show

Had a super fun night having drinks and watching the man dressed in women's clothing and looking more sexy then us I might add.

My Mom and Step Dad:

With my girlfriends (it was 70s and 80s night!):


  1. Haha! How fun- and I love the tutu!

  2. Great outfit. Love the tutu.

    How unusual to see men in women's clothing...

  3. Coolest outfit ever. Love the pink and tutus. I adore the pictures on the big shoe! Sounds so fun.

  4. It was a very fun night! Your cute outfit did match perfectly to the big shoe!!! I must admit they did all look more sexy than us it was amazing. I especially love those juicy boots and great occasion to wear your tutu. We know where Juliet gets this tutu addiction:))))

  5. Your necklace is gorgeous. I love it.


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