Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Peachy

 Today's outfit was very quickly put together and I was not having a great hair day!

The inspiration was from the JCrew catalog:
 Thought it was an interesting idea to combine a bit different peach top and bottom and shoes under a purple/navy cardigan. I couldn't resist adding one more color though and went with the aqua necklace.

Cardigan, blouse, necklace and heels - Forever 21
Jeans - Thrifted

Took the kids to the Madagascar 3 movie, then ran some errands and went Father's Day shopping followed by lunch at pick-up-stix. The shopping trip was insane of course with literally 3 visits to the restroom within a 45 minute period one of them due to my daughter spraying some kid perfume to her eye! Consoled her with a pack of lip gloss which she spent the whole afternoon rubbing all over her face, hair and body. Bath was much needed tonight after that...
Never a dull moment with my little ones.


  1. AMAZING!!


  2. Beautiful colors. Really special.


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