Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tonight we are young

 Going out the with the girls outfit worn last night!

The inspiration was from Fashion Coolture blog that I love to visit for great sexy outfits...

Jacket, OTK socks - Forever 21
Tee/Vest set - from Turkey
Shorts - Bebe
Clutch - Asos
Booties - Michael Antonio

We split up with the kids in the morning for some one on one quality time. My hubby took my daughter to gym class and lunch while my son and I played with legos and puzzles. 
In the afternoon my mom took them to a kid concert and when she got back and my girlfriend arrived we all got ready together for a big night out!

My girls and I had originally picked this night to try out this 'secret' bar then my sister announced she was having a pre-bacheloratte party the same night. So we did our best to combine the two.
First was dinner all together with the exception of my friend who had another party:

My little sis the bride to be:

With my mom and sister:

With my girlfriend:

Then the group split-up... My sister and her friend and my mom and SIL all went to the club so they can get in without paying cover before 10 PM. The girls and I went to our secret bar.
So, you go into this totally casual normal bar. Everyone is in jeans, flip flops having drinks. You walk towards the restrooms and next to the restrooms is a wall with what looks like kegs stacked up on top of each other. But it is actually a door! that opens to a reception area of this secret bar called the 
'Noble Experiment'
You have to make rez a week in advance via text. The room hold sonly 22 people and it is qutie small with no standing room. There is a bar with a wall of shelves filled with bottles of booze. The ceiling is covered in framed portraits and a chandelier. The other wall is covered in golden sculls! The whole thing is 'prohibition' theme where the servers are dressed from that era. No vodka is served and they have quite a unique cocktail selection:

Then the girls split up again. Majority returned home while my girlfriend and I went to the club to meet my sister and her group. Thank goodness we still got it cause got in with only paying half the cover and no line. :) Managed to find them when there was a flash of light in the super dark dance floor. It was fun dancing for a while but seriously the hole pushing and shoving and the time it takes to get a drink just gets old. Realized now you reach a certain age when the club experience is only fun when you can get bottle service and have a VIP table. My sister had fun though so that is what mattered. We left a bit earlier than closing as my mom drove us home. 


  1. What a fun girls' night out, love your outfit, it's perfect for the occasion. Reminds me of Brittany Spears "Baby One More Time"


  2. Great outfit, so sexy and powerful :D

    Hope you'll visit me :)
    Kisses, Elly

  3. Great outfit! Looks like you girls had a whole lotta fun!


  4. How fun is that secret bar!! How did you find out about it? Love the decor. Cute outfit with the socks, too!


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