Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Show

 Last night's outfit to Fashion Show in our Mall for Fashion's Night Out...

Here is the inspiration:

I actually had black heels to wear with the outfit but since I had my daughter with me never really got a chance and took the photos really quick after the fashion show before we started dinner and shopping...

Blouse - Anthropologie
Jeans - Pink Zone
Flats - Tilly's
Clutch - Victoria's Secret

Once I picked up my son and dropped him off at my hubby's work so they can go to their soccer practice together, took my daughter with me to the mall. We were there a bit earlier so we went into a store to shop and my daughter was having a blast trying on multiple purses and scarves... She is such a minnie me!

We then realized we were late but thank goodness my mom had reserved spots for us at the fashion so we rushed and sat right up front!
Here are some of my faves from the show:

From Bebe:

Dress from Juicy:

 I love these boots but I have no idea what brand they are! :(

My daughter loved watching the fashion show on my mom's lap:

Then we had a quick dinner at the food court and my mom and aunt took my daughter to my house so she can go to bed and I met up with my friends for the Neiman Marcus event then shopped a bit more before the mall closed at 9 PM.

 Below were the shoes showcased during the fashion show. I had already put my SLR in the car so it was all taken with my i-phone...


  1. Looks like you and your daughter had fun :) We went to our FNO last night too. Love the leopard coat from the fashion show!

  2. Cool designs. I love the feminine blue plaid suit. We had several fashion events here, too, since my neighborhood overflows with rich female shoppers.

  3. Fun times! I have yet to attend any FNO events! So sure your daughter with all the bags!


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