Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hit me with your best shot

 Doing another outfit catch-up post today... This was my outfit from yesterday. 

The inspiration from May 2012 issue of People Style Watch:
 I don't have too much time this week with our new schedule and the baby so these simple combo's are great to put on something that is still somewhat interesting...

 Wore this backwards....But in a rush the buttons are not aligned! oh well....
 little pop of color with the multi colored sandals...

Top, Pants - Forever 21
Bangles - H&M and Cookie Lee
Sandals - Asos

It was 2nd day of school for my son and my daughter's 1st day at the co-op pre-school. So my hubby took my son and I went to sign up for her school. 1st days are always crazy there so it was a bit hectic but I realize now my daughter is going to be much better with the older kids gone and her being a second tier. Plus there are more girls in class this year than boys and she loves that.
Afternoon/nights are spent at home with family and the new baby. The happy parents gave his first bath last night and it was fun to watch as that experience is never as fun as one imagines. Unless you have this rare infant that loves water.

 This is today's outfit.

The inspiration was from 2011 March issue of In Style (I realize that is quite old!):

 Vest, belt, shorts - Forever 21
Tee - very old not sure
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Purse D&B

Took my son to school (his 3rd day). Left a bit too late and we barely made it in by the time the bell rang. My goodness is this school on time.
Then got my daughter ready for her official ballet class. I had bought a ballet purse/bag a while ago thinking I could gift it to a friend but now that she started ballet I surprised her with it. She LOVED it of course.
After the class we hung out in the indoor play area (which is where we are now). Then we'll go home, pick up son, then buy cleats/socks and drop him off at his Soccer practice with my hubby.
We will be off to Fashion's Night out event at our mall after that.
Lets see how that goes with my daughter with us. Last year on this day we had a black out and it was cancelled!
Did not decide what I am going to wear yet!

Totally her own pose by the way. I wonder where she gets it from?!? :)

Found this beauty for $9.99 at Marshall's a year ago. It is at least $30 pretty

And when she was hanging out with the new baby! She is so attentive and interested...


  1. Great poses. I mean, really super poses. Stylish and attractive. No wonder your daughter is learning from you!

  2. you are so adorably sexy, i cant stand it!!! :)

  3. great outfits for all the active life you have been leading. Love Juliet s pose and her darling purse! she is in training of course:) Great photo frames which I misses living in A SEPARATE HOUSE:(


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