Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I like to stay grounded

 This was today's outfit. Inspiration from May 2011 of In Style Magazine:
 The pieces look a little bit too loose but kind of works I think. I loved the idea of adding gold wedges underneath!

Layered two necklaces on top of each other...

Blush Top - H&M
Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Pants - Forever 21
Wedges - Target
Necklaces - Forever 21 & Cookie Lee
Bangles - Cookie Lee
Purse - H&M

 This was my outfit on Tuesday to the park class... Inspiration was below:

Cardigan - Gap
Top - H&M
Shorts - Forever 21
Shoes - Rocket Dog
Necklaces - Q and Forever 21

And here is my little one posing for mommy this morning:

Was a big day as I got my hair done! Fuller bangs, darker color and guess what? EXTENSIONS!
Photos tomorrow...


  1. I had to write a separate comment for Juliet. She is so photogenic with her one dimple enchanting smile!!! Love the way she posed holding her pants with her fingers, so cute and she has mom's fashion sense in shocking pink sneakers worn together with sage green jacket and orange top:)

  2. Juliet has become quite the fashionista! She is absolutely adorable :) She must get it from her mommy, lol!

  3. I love the layering of the necklaces and those gold wedges! You are so creative to be able to duplicate these fabulous looks.

  4. your daughter is so cute!!!

    i like the loose pieces in your version. it has a nice relaxed vibe. excited to see your hair!!

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  5. I love the jewelry from the first look and I love the whole outfit for the second.

    Your daughter is precious! Looks like she is following in mommy's footsteps! ;)

  6. Your daughter is so cute. I love her little poses too! Thanks for linking up!



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