Saturday, November 17, 2012

Coral Code

 I absolutely loved how today's outfit came together. 

Continuing on my J Crew inspiration week apparently from the Sept 2012 issue:

Once again what an unusual combination. The blue and the burgundy is cool but adding the pops of coral I found very unexpected. I adopted the look using my kika Paprika pieces for a work party today...

For the pops of coral I was only going to add the bracelets then decided to go with the necklace and couldn't stop and added the sunglasses too.

 This top is so light and soft and just has the most flattering style...

 Rocking my new 'shoedazzle' purse. Love the color.

Totally into buying quality bracelets now. Scored these from J Crew clearance when shopping for my sister's b-day...

My Juicy booties ensure the outfit is edgy and not so classic!

 This new length of the pencil skirt is one of my faves this season. I actually love the mini too. Both skirts are super comfortable and stretchy so you don't have to take baby steps even though you are wearing a tighter looking skirt!

 Look how light my hair got in just one month! Ready for touch up next week....

'Paige' top in Azure Blue by kika Paprika ($76)
'Jenna' pencil skirt in Bordeaux by kika Paprika ($66)
Booties - Juicy Couture
Purse - Shoe Dazzle
Accessories - Thread Show, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe & J Crew



  1. I'm in love with your shoes, once again ! This coral necklace is a pure beauty, amazing mixed with the blue top !

  2. I love your outfit. Super Pretty!


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