Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Never a dull moment

 Must catch-up. I thought I posted this last night but apparently forgot...
This was inspired by the Oct 2011 issue of People Style Watch:

 Pretty basic with a silky tie blouse under a purple sweater and boy friend jeans and platform booties...

Sweater - Gap
Blouse - Express
Jeans - Newport News
Booties - Forever 21
Belt - Limited
Purse - Q
Accessories - Michael Kors, Etsy, Forever 21

It was another crazy busy day. I left my daughter with my mom to volunteer at my son's class. Supposed to be just the morning but there was a lot of need there so I stayed majority of the day then went grocery shopping and came home. My parents were nice enough to pick up my son so I had 2 hours to gift wrap like crazy while both kids were out of the house.
Then cooked dinner and hosted a group of 8 for a casual dinner party.
That was one full day!


  1. You look great as usual. You're right, there's never enough time!

  2. Awesome look! The snake-print blouse is gorgeous, and I love the color combination you've got going on here!


  3. every time you where these shoes i swoon haha!
    Love them and with the turned up jeans they look gorgeous!
    Ps did i mention i LOVE you with long hair! xx

  4. love your look, looking great.

  5. You are one busy lady! I seriously love this look. :)

  6. Love the bright purple sweater!


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