Monday, December 17, 2012

The more the merrier

 Totally behind once again as our life is just a never ending stream of fun and activities...
This was my outfit for our, I kid you now, 80 people RSVP Holiday Potluck Party saturday night!

I added a collar and a feather belt to a F21 gold streaked skater dress...

Dress, tights, bracelet - Forever 21
Collar - Asos
Earrings - Betsey Johnson
Shoes - Steve Madden

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The party was so crazy busy that I took very very little photos. Which I am kind of bummed about....
Oh well, the memories will have to last in our minds now...
The party was insane with so many kids but it was fun. There were people everywhere, lost shoes and running kids and boys and girls fighting and chasing. After the parents with kids left and we put our little ones to bed we played catch phrase with the adults that stayed behind which was so much fun....

 With my Dad and hubby. We had planned to take more photos like these before the guests arrived but our time was cut short with early arrivals....

 Princess girls...

My BF got the kids stompeez which they were ecstatic about since they watch the commercials!!!

 Tipping couch game during the last minutes of the party...


  1. you look great...pretty outfit! i am loving the long straight hair!

    i know...our elf didn't move a couple of times this year...eek! my daughter (who knows it's me) always makes sarcastic remarks!

  2. Your dress is perfect--love the collar you added and the princess girls are priceless!


  3. wow what a dress!!!! Glad you stopped by so I could find you :) Now following.

    lauren rebecca

  4. So pretty! At first I thought the collar and belt were part of the dress because they look so awesome together! :)


  5. Stunning! Beautiful dress and hair.

  6. Hi there Daphne. My name is Ada and I found your blog through one of Wednesday's Link-Up parties (PLEATED POPPY I think). I am always looking for real women who look beautiful in their real lives, especially moms, since I will very soon become a mommy myself. =)

    I am loving this outfit head to toe. That dress is gorgeous with the bejeweled collar and it would be such a great New Year's Eve Look. I would wear it exactly like this. I am loving this look so much. Look for it soon in my blog, I am doing a special feature this weekend. ;-)

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and please follow me - very much appreciated. =) Thanks again, Ada.

  7. That dress is stunning on you! Head to toe!


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