Friday, December 21, 2012

Seeing Stars

 Since I am behind I figured i would post two outfits to catch-up. Posting my favorite first which was my outfit tonight for a holiday dinner outing with my girls...

 Got my extensions taken out for a few days before they get put back in for another 3 months. So short hair until Sunday...

Sweater, blouse, accessories - Forever 21
Skirt - Rock Republic (from Kohl's)
Booties - Michael Antonio
Clutch - Q

Out with the girls for a holiday dinner.
I feel night like these are like taking couple 'happy pills'. You add couple of coctails, a few golden friends and a night of laughter where you can't even remember what you laughed or talked about but all you know is you walk away feeling so great.
Now, that is priceless...

 My friend and I shared a whole sea bass! It was excellent!

 The girls!
And my two best friends below...

And my outfit YESTERDAY:

 This did not quiet come as I thought it would be. And the photos were taken in a rush so I am not crazy about the whole outcome.

Here was the inspiration (In Style Aug 2011):

Top - From Turkey
Pants - Ruche
Boots - Steve Madden
Hat, necklaces - Forever 21


  1. The sweater could almost have been McQueen. Pretty.

    / Avy

  2. I love the first look so much ! You rock like a star !!!

  3. Love the starry outfit with fab jewels and great makeup and hair , it is shining like stars! Looks so much fun hanging out with girlfriends. I want Jean's eyeglasses can you find out where she got them please it looks great on her. All of you girls look very festive and stylish by the way:)


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