Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ladies who lunch - Sunday Day

Inspiration from the very fashionable Bee at Atlantic Pacific:
I loved the cream and blue combination with browns... Just perfect....

Coat/Jacket - 'Penny' by kikaPaprika in Winter White (a coat we are carrying forward to spring)
Blouse - from Turkey
Jeans - H&M
Necklace & Booties - Forever 21
Hat - Jessica Simpson

Hanging out at beautiful Laguna Beach area catching up with friends (consultants from all around the country). Had training half the day.
Will be meeting up with my mom and sister and more friends tonight at the big Runway Show.
That will be a different outfit, different post. :)

Here are some photos with my Kika Sisters from today...


  1. i like the cream and blues, too...and brown is always a nice accent to blue. hope you ladies had a nice time!

    mobile morsels

  2. Very, very stylish Daphne! I love the hat is a great piece with this look! Hope you have a wonderful week dear. xx/Madison

  3. stylish lady very stylish..this is one look I wanna emulate the shoes!!


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