Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little Luxuries

Today's outfit was inspired by this Chictopia post:

My colors are a bit darker but I took the concept of faux fur vest, plaid tartan scarf and a floppy fedora hat.... With Tall boots.

 This is a Neiman Marcus & Target collaboration piece. The puffy shoulders are very interesting don't you think. Got it at their 50% off sale of course.

Vest - Target
Hat - TJ Maxx
Top, Jeans, Scarf - Forever 21
Boots - the brand escapes me right now. It will come to me.
Purse - Q

Well started the morning with unexpected trip to Sears to purchase a new washer as our washer stopped working last night after an entire full bottle of liquid detergent fell and spilled on it. It was getting very old and rusting and cracked so it was time.
After lunch we came home. My son and husband went to a college basketball game together. While I met my sister and with my daughter we had high tea at a tea shop! It was so cute. She had never seen sugar cubes and put about 8 over time in her tea so she was getting quite hyper and we left shortly after we finished all the food and the teas.
We then went to the mall. AFter scouring the sale racks of Anthropologie and J Crew as promised we went to the disney store and my daughter tried on every princess dress. She loves trying on stuff now in stores. We settled on a Merida dress (from Brave) with matching shoes and tiara for her b-day trip to Disneyland. Then we went to Zara to find the entire store on sale! That was not good for my sister and I. Purchased a few items but haven't 100% decided on keeping them yet. Need to decide....
It was a fun day with my lil sis and daughter with just us girls. We kept saying the only one missing was my mom who is on vacation!


  1. I like this outfit! And, especialy the hat on you.

  2. You look amazing in this outfit. I adore the scarf and the hat the most. It really suits you.

  3. This 70's chic look is amazing !


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