Monday, January 21, 2013

Studded Tartan

 This was my outfit today. I am so bummed cause I had a pretty cool outfit on yesterday and never had time to take photos and was way too lazy to put it all on again. Oh well.
Today I picked a comfortable outfit to hold my all day open house. I also had to wear something from my line that was not on sale and I have officially decided to keep this top at least one more season as I love the deep bordeaux color and the silky fabric.

Don't you love these slipper style shoes. Plaid tartan with silver studs. For $12 from shoedazzle!

Top - 'Paige' in bordeaux by kikaPaprika 
Jeans, necklaces - Forever 21
Shoes - shoe dazzle

Had a fun open house today selling off my samples. Everyone came staggered so I could spend quality time with each friend/customer and there was never a time where I didn't have someone shopping.
Put away lots of hangers which is the goal. Need to make some room for the new line that will take their place on my rack in February!
I booked many parties too so hoping to start the season strong...
Nothing better than spending a day styling people.


  1. Wonderful ! I love your burgundi top !

  2. It all sounds so great. I'm glad you're living your dream!

  3. this outfit is perfection. cute, comfortable with edge. i love the little details... the spike necklace, the studded plaid shoes and the gorgeous color of the sweater. and i totally feel you on the wishing you took a pic of a cute outfit but then you just get too tired to do it. i've been doing that a lot. plus i gotta do it at certain times of the day when the sun isn't shining directly on me in the back yard!!!


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