Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Take heart

 This casual combo was inspired by a very old chictopia post from last couple of years:

I liked the idea of blazer jacket with leggings and converses....

 Blazer Jacket - Newport News
Blouse - from Turkey
Leggings - H&M

Another crazy day. Had my nephew with us which was nice. My dad joined us at the park (pre school class)  which was a great help. Then had a friend come over with her son to shop and had to pick up my son and my parents brought home cooked dinner. My days are getting a bit out of hand but hanging in there...


  1. The leggings/sneakers combo is youthful and edgy. Very cute. And the last picture of you reading to the kids melts our heart.

  2. I love this look. It looks comfy, stylish, and perfect for a busy mommy.

    Love that last pic. :)


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