Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hollywood Photo Finish

Doing a special post today to promote Hollywood Photo Finish that professionally touches up your photos to create a perfect professional photo.

The problem is that we don't always look our best in photos, and hiring a professional photographer is expensive. Hollywood Photo Finish is a fast and cheap resource to get fabulous pictures of yourself that last a lifetime! 
Because it is worth capturing those moments that you look and feel amazing!

Jeff works with you to understand your problem areas and what you would like to fix or smooth out in your photos. Mine is my chin and neck area. As you can see he created a bit more definition around that area for me and smoothed out the lines as well as giving me porcelain smooth skin. Now if only he could do that in real life right?

The After photo Enlarged:

AFTER photo enlarged:

This can be done for your close-up's for profile photos or business cards but also can be used to fix older photos as well as family portraits.
He only charges $20 per person within a photo.

Enlarged 'AFTER' photo:

With the photo below he ran an effect to give it a vintage look, common in magazines and advertisements!

With the photo below he ran an effect to give it a vintage look, common in magazines and advertisements!

As a promotion to my followers Jeff is willing to provide a "buy-one get-one free" promition! 
Just mention 'Fashion Confessions of a Mommy' in the text box when placing an order, 
he will send you an email for another photo edit absolutely free!

So, don't wait, pick a photo of yourself that you would like perfect and click on the Hollywood Photo Finish to see his magic!


  1. Wow. What magic. I agree with you -- if only we could do this in real life!

    BTW, thanks for the suggestions and feedback you gave me. Your sense of fashion is so refined that I learn every time I read your words. You know subtle things that I miss entirely. I should start paying you tuition...

  2. That's a cool photo editor!
    I can see the difference of before and after photo.


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