Sunday, March 3, 2013

A dazzling place I never knew

 Today was my first introduction to the world of 'little league baseball'! More thoughts on that later but here is what I decided to wear. Sporty and chic. 

This was my inspiration:
I could have worn a white leather jacket but it wasn't the right weather for it so instead wore this knit moto jacket I found at a thrift store last week during that half hour I had to kill after dropping off the kids and before meeting friends! A rare occasion (having time to kill!)....
 Everything is light colored but not exactly pure white as you can see. The jeans are white, the top is heathered cream and the jacket is oatmeal. The scarf has dark parts with metallic silver ends. 
Can you believe the baseball hat is making a come back!??? I am in search of an affordable black leather one. I do like the floral one at J Crew but no way am I paying $78 for a baseball cap... Anyway, here is my old cap bought for running.

Jacket - thrifted
Hat - Nike
Top - Zara
Scarf - Marshall's
Pants - Forever 21
Fashion Sneakers - Forever 21

So, yes, we signed up the little guy for t-ball! He was in a soccer league last season and that was interesting but I realized today, Baseball is something else. It is huge very popular and seemed like a whole new world I have never been exposed to before. Unlike soccer league where we just came during our game time and left after only socializing with our team member parents this one allowed for major interaction among all parents. There is a snack shack which kind of brings people together. Most families with  multiple children have sons in different teams so could spend a whole day there with different game times. San Diego Padres sponsors the entire league providing uniforms so they all say 'Padres' on them.  The CEO of Padres was also there throwing the first pitch. We heard his son is in the league too. That is another thing that was different than soccer. We got to see some very big and tall kids and just made me think unfortunately too soon I will have a son like that and it just felt surreal to have my son that tall and big and looking like a grown man. Scary.
I like it though. It is so nice to have a boy and a girl we are going to get exposed all sorts of new worlds and I cherish every experience.
So watch for some sporty chic outfits I will have to create for Saturday game days! :)


  1. The little ones always makes me smile... they are just so cute. You nailed this look spot on, well done with the inspiration. I want to buy a new pair of white denim soon. xx/Madison

  2. This light outfit is so perfect for the weather and looks super chic and fresh! Your kids are super adorable!!!

  3. Cool! I played Little League baseball throughout my youth and have many memories of experiences on the diamond. Baseball improves eye-hand coordination and teaches boys about teamwork and competition. Good to see the Padres sponsor it: I visited their stadium when I went to your city. They have a mini-ballfield right next to the big one for kids to play on.


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