Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If I only had a heart

 Falling behind again as this was my outfit yesterday...

Inspired by 'November Grey' blog post from a while back....

I decided to really go blue with electric blue jeans instead of a dark rinse. And used my studded blazer for some interest and therefore went with silver accessories...

Blazer, Jeans, necklace - Forever 21
Silk blouse - vintage
Boots - Via Spiga
Belt - LOFT

Busy with work and kids' valentines activities. Lots of valentines to write and prepare with them. My daughter is actually super into it and worked really hard on her cards. My son not so much but finally got him to finish. They both have their parties tomorrow so Thursday actual Valentine's day will be quiet. And my hubby and I plan to go out Friday night. :)
We are also going strong with P90X videos. Tuesdays are tough as they are 'playodynamics' which is 'jump training'. It is brutal. But already from last week to this week we both feel stronger and less out of breath. Haven't seen any changes on my body yet but I know that takes at least a week or two and we are just on the cusp of week 2. 


  1. this look is absolute perfection!!


  2. I knew your family would be heavily into the Valentine's Day spirit. Good to hear about the fun activities. Your outfit is chic, as always, with the pants and sunglasses standing out as exceptional.

  3. I like yours better because you have the brighter blue jeans!

  4. Hi Daphne, thanks so much for the post! Glad it was inspiring! You look fabulous! xx


    November Grey


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