Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tonight's outfit for my Dad's surprise retirement party we hosted at my house...
I actually had an inspiration photo for this outfit but forgot to photograph it. Take my word for it it was very similar. :)

I was originally going to wear this with my white linen flared pants but just didn't feel like dealing with the tight feeling all night and the kika pants feel like sweat pants and yet look very dressy right?

I love the back detail of this jacket... 

Loving my new super chunky rolo strand from Bauble bar.
The ruched front top is just perfect to camouflage not so perfect tummy area....

Coat/Jacket - 'Maggie' by kikaPaprika 
Top - 'Julia' by kikaPaprika
Pants - bootcut tencel pants by kikaPaprika
Necklace - Bauble bar
Belt - Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes - Sam Edelman

We had a busy day. First of we moved our nightly exercise to the morning since we were hosting a party tonight. So right off the bat my poor already sore body was even pushed more by P90X's kenpo X which is kickboxing. I have done much harsher kickboxing at the gym but this follows daily other hard routines so it was hurting. Then we decorated the house for my Dad's party with my SIL. Then it was a huge costco shopping with the kids and thank goodness at the end my mom came to take them so  we were able to put everything away and prep in peace. 4 loads of laundry and prepping we got ready for my Dad's party. Majority of the guests arrived and my brother went to pick up my dad so we can control his arrival. The catered food took a lot longer to set-up than I anticipated. My Dad was beyond words surprised. He loved seeing all his tennis and work buddies and family and friends.
The food was a hit and so was my perfect margaritas...


  1. elegant and lovely....we coudnt do a party for dad o his retirement and then he passed away soon..its been a regret for me personally ever since :(

  2. Very nice! I really love this look. :)

  3. I've always loved yellow with black and white. And you did a great thing for your dad!


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