Wednesday, February 13, 2013

when did you last let your heart decide?

Today's outfit was loosely inspired on this photo in the Nov 2010 issue of Cosmo. Yes it is that old!

 I had originally planned to match more by layering a sequin tank over a tee but this top in a single layer was fine. Then I added my animal print booties but it just seemed too much so went with the fashion sneakers instead....

Blazer and Top - H&M
Pants - Gap
Sneakers - Steve Madden
Necklace - Shoe dazzle
Bracelets - Bauble Bar

Went to celebrate Valentine's at my son's class while my mom went with my daughter to her class celebrations....
I spent couple hours at a local coffee shop by my son's school in the morning until the teacher needed me. It was interesting being there. I realized how much I enjoy being alone actually. I think so much better in a crowded room with strangers. It was so nice to not have to talk to anyone for couple hours straight. So nice. I used to spend hours at coffee shops during college years studying. This reminded me of that. :)

 Look how cute. They were our valentines....
 I love the one of them not looking cause they look like a garden of hearts! They seem so much older compared to my daughter but I realize how still young they are. 

 Mini chocolate fondue for each one of them...

And at home we met my mom and daughter. Mom bought them matching heart sunglasses.
I had found this 'nancy fancy' dress at a discount store for my daughter yesterday. And my mom is wearing her red kikaPaprika dress....


  1. Love your outfit with the pale pink and the sequin top and love those sneakers. I am so lucky and happy to be a part of Valentine's day with my beautiful Valentine's. Love the pictures of Trevor in his class and yes they are so cute!!
    Love my pictures with them.Juliet was definitely the most attractive girl in her class yesterday loving her outfit she was twirling around all day accepting compliments:) I would not miss it for anything.
    Happy Valentine's day to you darling and to Jon.

  2. That class activity is so cute. And your family is so adorbs. Happy Love Day!

  3. happy valentines to you guys! i don't think my son does any vday celebrations like this in his class. very cute!

  4. that is just the cutest thing ever!!

  5. what a stylish family you have! loving the pink and the sneakers. i too got a pair of those fun wedge sneakers! and i love your ombre hair!


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