Thursday, March 7, 2013

When it is dark enough you can see the stars

 This was yesterday's outfit. Today I didn't wear an outfit from the list but still tried to keep it cute, just not blog worthy... :)

The inspiration for this outfit was from a very old JCrew catalog:
You can see above how use the inspiration photos I cut up. I simply write on the photo what pieces from my own closet I will use to create the combination...

Silk Shirt - Express
Belt, Sweater - Ann Taylor
Denim Leggings - Elle for Kohl's
Necklace - J Crew
Boots - Forever 21

My days have been a bit insane to match the workout schedule!
Kids are starting some new classes which is adding to our schedule and taking some adjustments to get used to them. My son started a new 'Lego Engineering' class which will be after school but since it was the first day and we turned in forms late I had to go just to make sure he got from class to the right place and ate lunch. Then had to go drug store than turned around had to go pick him up. We had about 10 minutes at home to pack up bags and then it was off to swim class. The kids were ecstatic about the swim classes. Then we had Greek for dinner right after before coming home to crash. But then as soon as they go to bed we start our insane 1.5 hour workout which is on top of the 45 minute cardio we had already done that morning.
Sadly as you can see from the photos no changes to the way I look (yet) but I sure feel sooo much stronger. I just don't have any time anymore.
Tonight by the time we finished working out it was already 10 PM! That is because tonight we did a 90 minute yoga!

Here is the pretty princess in a new outfit she got from my cousin's girlfriend in Turkey:


  1. Very casual and cute outfit. Love how the brown boots cap the jeggings. Your natural hair is really beautiful framing your pretty face. Juliet is as cute any lıttle girl can be and more:) in hearts and bows and Minnie mouse stockings.

  2. this green is one of my FAV colors and I don't wear enough of it..thanks for the reminder.
    Looking the blouse underneath..super cute!

  3. Very cool color combo !

  4. Great interpretation...I always think it's fun to do that...I like how you write your choices in...hadn't thought of that. Debbie @

  5. Yours is even better than J Crew. I love this sort of layering and it is a great colour.


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