Monday, April 29, 2013

Game Over

 Today's outfit. Which I have to admit I wore it with black ballet flats and it didn't look nearly as cool as it does with the heels here. But I did this huge grocery shopping then went to the mall so no way was I doing all that in heels....

The Inspiration was from the Bloomingdale's catalog:

 I had this funky tee in my give-away pile but when I saw this inspiration pulled it out at least to wear it once. My cousin had won this during comic con. 

Boyfriend Blazer - Newport News
Tee - from Comic Con
Jeans - Victoria's Secret
Heels - Steve Madden

I got to sleep in today since the kids had spent the night at my mom's house. But I had to get ready pretty early and did a big grocery shopping. We have finished P90X and on Monday starting the Insanity program. Again by Beach Body. THis time though I am determined to follow the nutrition plan. Cause even though I got ridiculously strong with P90X and probably formed muscles under there somewhere you can't see them as I have absolutely no change in my appearance. So, I figured to see true results I need to follow the food portion of these programs. End of May is my sister's bacheloratte party in Vegas so that is my big motivator to follow everything and see what happens.
Hence the big grocery shopping....

Then met my mom and Daughter at the mall. Tried on more swim suits I had put on hold yesterday. My goal has been to find one pieces which look so much better on me than bikinis but do not look like 'mom swim suits'. Found some really cool ones so I am excited. Takes a lot of trying on though which is exhausting. I so prefer online shopping. :)

My cousins took my son to the Padres game during this whole day and they had a great time with him...


Yesterday's outfit was again from that series of inspiration I cut out to create with kika's print tank....

Our 'daphne' jacket in black actually would have been perfect but I don't have it in black so had to wear this shrug which was not the best fit.I also would have loved strappy sandals but my day was so insane that I needed these boots to survive it all...

Shrug - Victoria's Secret
Tank - 'Vera' in marble print by kikaPaprika
Skinny Pants  in black by kikaPaprika
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - Q
Earrings and Necklace - Kate Young for Target

Saturday was insane.... My hubby was at a tennis tournament in Vegas so I was solo but I had a lot of help. I planned everything so I could do it all by myself but when help was offered I graciously accept immediately.  My neighbor offered to take my son to his game so I could come a bit later which helped a lot. So it started with an 8:30 AM game, followed by acting classes from 10-11 AM, then birthday party from 11 to 1 PM and then to the Turkish School Children's holiday performance. Had to change kids' outfits couple times from event to event but made it to everything just a bit late but not too bad. My mom tagged along during this journey which was so nice. My stepfather also pitched in by coming to the game then driving him from the game to class etc...
After the Turkish school the Kids went home with grandparents while my sister and I went to the mall for swim suit and facial stuff shopping. It was so nice to leisurely shop. We ended the day with  movies.


  1. Your pink t-shirt outfit is way cooler than the inspiration picture.
    Btw, you look like a different person with this haircut :-)

  2. Nice outfit. I'm sure it looked good in flats, too. Oh, and I've been to that baseball stadium! It's one of the better ones.


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