Friday, May 3, 2013


 Double outfit post today to show how versatile this floral maxi dress is. Yesterday i wore it as a strapless dress topped with this cute namesake jacket in the ocean color....

Dress - 'Portia' in meadow print by kikaPaprika
Jacket - 'Daphne' in ocean by kikaPaprika
Necklace - cookie lee
Sandals - DV by Dolce Vita from Nordstrom Rack

We visited my dear friend who had her son a week ago. The baby was as cute can be and my daughter was so into him.  We spent sometime visiting and had lunch then went to the indoor play area so I can work a bit before picking up my son and doing gym lesson than cooking for hours. The Insanity nutrition diet requires so much prep time. I try to get most of the meals ready for both my self and my husband and my son the night before. The good thing is I love the meals. They are simple individually it is just 5 of them which adds up to be a lot. So healthy though which makes me happy.

 Today I wore the same dress as a skirt and wore the cowl neck top in the matching to create this stunning maxi dress. Got lots of compliments today...

For that brief 10 minutes it was cold in the morning I added this soft cardigan but than it was super warm today....

Top - 'Charlotte' in meadow print by kikaPaprika
Skirt - 'Portia' dress in meadow print by kikaPaprika
Shoes - Rebel
Earrings - Guess

Went to pre-school where after class my daughter with her girlfriends put together a cute little show for us. Then went to my dr's appointment and then to my son's school which had a huge fiesta.
My in-laws and parents were there to celebrate with us and the kids....


  1. cool it meant to be worn strapless, too? i love it as the strapless.

    how are you liking your short hair?

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  2. Gorgeous Maxi Dress & I love both the Yellow Thong Sandals & Wooden Wedges. Make sure you link back either tomorrow or Monday because I am doing My Birthday Blog Post tomorrow by 7.00 PM Eastern Time at the latest. Thanks. =)

  3. pretty dress,you look beautiful ;)

  4. such a great dress!


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