Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talk pretty to me

Yesterday's bright combo was inspired by In Style's April 2013 issue:

 Since the inspiration didn't show what you wear underneath I picked this super fun top I got from LOFT last year. The colors totally pick up the red purse and the yellow jeans and the graphic is subtle enough to not clash with the animal print pea coat....

The bold cuff:

The fun earrings:

Top. cuff - Ann Taylor LOFT
Coat, Jeans, Shoes - Forever 21
Purse - Coach
Earrings - Asos

Insanity is kicking our butt. They definitely live up to their name as the exercises we have done so far are quite insane indeed. The good thing is they are short (40 minutes or so compared to 1.5 hour P90X tapes). You sweat like crazy. My face remains red hours after and I feel every jiggle in my body it seems. Thank goodness we are doing the nutrition plan that goes with it cause I don't know how you can do these without the proper food nourishment. It involves eating a lot of small meals that are perfectly balanced with protein, veggies and fruit and good carbs. I am very hopeful. We shall see...


  1. Nice outfit. The yellow pants really perk it up.

  2. Super cute top. It goes perfect with your pants and accessories!

  3. i love the yellow jeans and that jacket! i tried insanity a few times and i'm always tired after the warm up. haha.

  4. Ooh, yellow pants. Every woman should have a pair!


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