Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Today's outfit was chosen for an interview I did at my home with a company that is doing a documentary on bloggers and a PhD student that is going to be mining the data bloggers write for his thesis. Knowing I would have no time to change though I wore the whole ensemble minus the heels (which were swapped with white converses) to Pre School.... It was picture day at school so the outfit was actually perfect....

These pants get on average at least 5 compliments every time I wear them!

 I spotted this white top online at F21. I realized it was the perfect structured top with a high neck and looks very expansive. It is thick and holds its shape. And creates the ultimate canvas for all sorts of statement necklaces....

Mixed wrap and cuff bracelets on one arm and the other arm featured this gorgeous owl leather wrap bracelet my mom and step dad got for me for Mother's Day!

Top - Forever 21
Necklace - Etsy
Pants - J Crew
Heels - Nine West
Cuff's - Fossil, Stella & Dot, Etsy...

Sometimes at the end of the day I look back on what I did that day and even I am amazed. 
Today was one of those days. 

When I got a call from one of my mommy friends from pre-school that they are about to loose her mother in law I immediately said yes to taking her kids. I fully prepared myself to keep them for the night and tomorrow in case things took a bad turn. We went to pre-school on time and early so we can be part of the class photo. Than right after snack took her kids and my daughter back home. My mom met me there to play with the kids upstairs while I conducted this documentary interview in my living room. My hubby who did not trust these contacts who have found me on the internet stayed and worked from home so he can monitor them. 2 camera guys, one producer and the PhD studen and all their equipment felt quite foreign in our living room but it was exciting. If so much was not going on in the house I would have asked mom or hubby to take a photo of this happening but there wasn't an opportunity... I honestly didn't even have time to think about their questions in advance so I just answered them all naturally. They wee more interested on what I wrote and my views on privacy and readership than anything to do with fashion. They were quite efficient though and ended in 2 hours as they promised. During which my mom left to pick up my son and my hubby served all 4 kids now lunch. I changed into workout clothes and put the little one down for a nap and took out toys for the others and even got to clean the house and pay bills. Then got in touch with their aunt and took her kids to the aunt's house then took mine to swim class. 
You would think I was done right? oh no...
After swim class we stopped at Party City to buy more stuff for the upcoming parties we are hosting then to mom's where I met my sister's best friend to discuss the details of the bridal shower we are hosting for her while my parents played with the kids. The more we planned to more overwhelmed I felt with all that is going to be coming up but I am sure it will all happen somehow.
Mom cooked us all dinner and my daughter fell a sleep an hour early as we drove home! If only I could too but doing laundry as I have to pack the whole family tomorrow for our 3 day trip to San Francisco....


  1. wow... hope the interview goes well :)

    and you look great and gorgeous :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. Look great.. Love the pants and specially the necklace...

  3. I don't know why it says "unknown" but it's me Defnecim. Oya!
    I am your follower..

  4. How exciting? Hope all goes well. the outfit!


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