Saturday, June 8, 2013

Boho Brights

 I was pretty happy with how this outfit came together this morning. The inspiration was from the feature on creating bohemian outfits from May 2013 issue of I think Lucky magazine. Or may be In Style....
 I loved this midi length crochet skirt paired with boho pieces and denim jacket. My mom had found this hot pink crochet skirt at a thrift store and I only wore it once so my combo is a bit more colorful but I like it...

 I actually added 3 belts to give the look. The cream one has very subtle bronze and matt silver beading. The chevron print one is pretty thin and then the bone and beaded one. All tie belts.

Turkish handmade choker necklace paired with my latest acquire from Bauble bar and the cuff bracelet my mom bought me couple years ago were perfect matches...

Denim Jacket - Closet
Shirt - Gap
Skirt - Boston Prober (thrifted)
Purse - Thread Show
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Cream Belt and Cuff - Forever 21
Brown belt - from Turkey
Chevron Belt - J Crew
Necklaces - from Turkey and Bauble  bar

I actually had a cool outfit yesterday and thought I would do photos before I went out at night but of course it was a total rush and I never took them. This is why I really need to take my photos in the morning. Whenever I leave that for later it doesn't happen.
Yesterday we had my little nephew with us. I waited for the weather to warm up but it never did so after ordering cupcakes for my sister's shower I took the kids to a park by the bay...

Then took them both to costco shopping for the shower. Afterwards dropped off my nephew and went to my moms to start decorating and setup as the shower will be at her house.
I was so tired. I think the workouts were actually giving me energy cause this week I haven't worked out and have not eaten the best food and even though I am supposed to be resting I feel so much more tired and lack of energy.
After dinner at mom's house the kids spent the night there and my hubby and I went to the movies to see 'now you see me'. It was pretty good.

It was nice sleeping in this morning with the kids not being at home. We met them at the acting class and since it was their last class they showed us what they have been working on. It was cute.
My daughter was so into her 'dinosaur' role it was funny to watch.
Then we went to register them for swim classes at the Y and then went out to lunch.
Going back to mom's for more set-up and prep work this afternoon then going out with the girls to line dancing again!
Since I went last week everyone has been wanting to go....


  1. Love the thrifted skirt find. So current. I'm really liking jean jackets with skirts as well. Also your son looks like he has had a growing spirt


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