Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 So sorry I have been MIA again. This weekend has taken such a toll on us I am still recovering. I actually decided to take this week off as I am wiped out. Have to re-group my energy before hosting my sister's shower this weekend...

Today's inspiration was from J Crew catalog:

 I wore the sweater backwards so I didn't have to layer and it showed the necklace better on the front...

Sweater - Forever 21
Necklace - Thread Show
Jeans - Vintage
Purse - Maxx
Sandals - J Crew

Nothing too exciting today but here are some photos from our crazy weekend...

Saturday morning my sis and her husband took my son to Wild Animal park for their company picnic while my hubby took my daughter to her pre school talent show.
While my mom and I set-up the house for my son's big b-day in the afternoon.
His 6th birthday party was epic with close to 70 people and DJ and a dance host. It felt like a club when you entered our backyard and even the grown ups were digging the music especially over drinks.
It was a fun party that went almost until kids' bedtime (8 PM). We were wiped out at the end.
Sunday took the kids to Turkish school then went to a pool party at a friends house!

 Talent Show Table Center Decorations...

Talent Show

At Wild Animal Park



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  2. I love this color combo and I must try it ! Your kids are lovely and you do so funny activities with them ! In France we don't have all that !

  3. Get some rest, buddy. We can tell you're tired. It's fun to be busy but it can be draining, too.


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