Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cream and Blush

 Today's combo was inspired from this photo....

I liked the mix of simple dress with blush jacket and boho necklaces... I added the hat....

 Dress & most of the necklaces - from Turkey
Jacket - Forever 21
Sandals - TJ Maxx

We didn't quite make it to our outdoor class today as my daughter is having toilet issues and didn't want to risk a public park and pool. We did go to Target though as I had quite a list of things I was looking for. Found most of them. It was random items like super large shovels that kids seem to love when we go to the beach. Extra rash guards for the kids as it seems we might be doing a beach outing more than once a week. More sunscreen (we use so much everyday). And bike shorts for my daughter to add under her dresses as she is a little tomboy in her actions but loves wearing sundresses.
Today I had a set out for her to wear but she really wanted to wear this t-shirt that changes color in the sun (from my mom and stepdad's vacation). And here she is...

My son is in skateboard camp all this week so we don't have him during the day. I might sneak there his last day to take some photos and see how he is doing...
After I picked him up today though both kids had a nice swim in our own pool and both spontaneously thanked me for the dinner I served which was salmon (they call it pink fish) rice and salad. :)


  1. nice look, love the necklace most <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa

  2. I saw you yesterday wearing this outfit and you did look very cool and colorful and yet comfortable. You do manage to achieve all this in your daily fashionable outfits and I admire that. If you have noticed I am trying hard to do the same:) I love everything on you but that white dress is such a nice canvas.
    Love Juliet's sandals!!

  3. That outfi looks effortless. I am still amused at what your closet must look like and how you organize it ;)


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