Friday, June 21, 2013

Mainly Mozart

 Last night's outfit for going out to the Mozart Festival concert with my friend...
The inspiration was old from November 2012 issue of People Style Watch:

I liked how simple yet sophisticated this combo looked with tuxedo pants, silk blouse a bit statement edgy 'eagle' necklace and a lizard print clutch!

 Once you read about my day you will understand that I had so little time to get ready so my hair was not really styled and the make up was quite rushed...

Silk blouse, necklace - Forever 21
Pants - Bebe
Clutch - Charming Charlie's
Wedges - Guess

We had a rushed morning once again as my son is in skateboard camp this week that starts at 8:30 am and therefore my husband leaves the house with him by 7:45 AM! I get up an hour early so I can make his snack and lunch and fit in the 'summer school work' we have started.
This morning after they left worked on my daughter's summer work then got ready and left for the library. We signed up for the summer reading program, and she attended story time. All the books I had pre-reserved were waiting for us on the hold shelf. It was great. Our goal is to go every week and get 7 new books for the kids from their reading lists.
After story time we came home for lunch then went out again to drop off my daughter at my mom's and picked up my Dad to go to his Dr appointment. We then had tea and came back to his house and I started cleansing/organizing his kitchen. Only finished one counter top in one hour. It is going to be a big project.
Came home literally with only 30 minutes to get ready and head to once again downtown!
I haven't been downtown for so long and this week 2 nights in a row!
Met up with my friend for happy hour than we went to Mainly Mozart festival concert.

I had forgotten how much I love classical music. It truly is food for the soul. With no visual stimulation or lyrics to accompany the music you truly absorb the notes and the melody. I was taken back to my upbringing and how my Grandpa played classical music every sunday morning for breakfast. How they took me to every concert, performance, theater and museum exhibitions when I was a teenager. It is truly their influence that I love art so much and am so motivated to expose my own kids like they did to me.
I am also going to dig up my classical CDs and listen to them in the car. It was a great night....

The kids were at my mom's so it was soooo nice to sleep in this morning but then I went into high gear to get ready making lunches for myself, my daughter, my son and my Dad. Plus getting all the beach gear ready. First went and picked up my Dad then met my parents and daughter at my son's skateboard camp. Of course he got cold feet and would only skate down a tiny ramp but it was still nice to see him and his whole class.

Then dropped off my Dad at this house and took my daughter to beach where we met our play group and a really nice day at this beach that is right by the ferry boat pier with a view of our beautiful city's downtown skyline.


  1. Wow what a cute outfit! and what a busy day. I am glad we get to see Trevor skating he just needs practice:) My day was quite fun and hectic too but this is not my blog to tell! Love Trevor's helmet and your necklace. Hair and make up looks like you took your time so don't worry darling.

  2. love the outfit. i actually like your version better! what a fun beach day.

    if the weather holds up (it's been rainy on and off) we are going on a small hike with my son.

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  3. Oh, my! This is fabulous. I can't tell you how much I like this look. It works wonderfully and conveys a sophisticated grace.

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