Thursday, June 20, 2013

cha cha cha

 Yesterday's outfit taking the kids to an outdoor jumpy play park... 

The inspiration was from People Style Watch's May 2013 issue:

Hat - Asos
Vest, tank, skirt - Forever 21
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Purse - Chloe
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

My playgroup had scored group on coupons for this outdoor inflatable park near a local mall so we met there. It was a lot cooler than we imagined. The whole place was fenced and covered with artificial grass carpet so the kids can take off their shoes once and walk around in socks in the whole area. They had lounge chairs in the sun and tables and benches with umbrellas for the adults. It was actually quite relaxing.  That is of course if your kids were old enough to run around on their own. The kids had quite fun and burned a lot of energy.
We went to pick up my son afterwards early afternoon then took them to their swim lesson.
My son is getting so advanced. He was working on his back stroke which he can do the entire length of the pool and back!

After swim class they were quiet tired but we stopped by my Dad's house to say goodbye to my brother, SIL and my little nephew as they head off to Boston for Harvard. The kids played so cute with their cousin. We are going to miss them.

After good-byes we got home and served the dinner I had already cooked. After eating quickly I got ready to go downtown to take free salsa dancing lessons with a few preschool mommy friends!
It was a last minute decision to go out and I kept thinking about flaking but the fact that I have never learned to salsa dance I was intrigued. Of course I was totally late as my son had a lego malfunction and my husband was too tired to trouble shoot a 15 step problem I stayed to fix some of it. It is hard to say no cause I love legos and am so glad he is into them too. It is our thing. :)

So glad I went. All my friends were late so I wasn't really late after all. The DJ who was also the instructor was great and quite funny. They lined up the girls on one side and guys on the other and showed us the moves for each partner than partnered us up. Every move they made us rotate and change partners. Half the time we were partnered with other ladies as there were of course more girls than guys. But we were just thinking what a great place for guys to pick up girls. You just got to know how to dance. There were very mis matched couples on the floor. It was fun to watch.

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