Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A hundred thousand things to see

Today's three layered combo was inspired by Bloomingdale's spring/summer catalog:

I tried to find a t-shirt that had a large graphic that matched a pop color of the blouse but did not get so lucky. This kind of worked not exactly what I wanted though....

Vest, blouse, t-shirt, necklace, belt - Forever 21
Pants - Gap
Heels - Guess
Bracelets - Bauble Bar

Another busy fun day. Met our group at the Birch Aquarium which is actually pretty close in my area of the town. We used to have family passes there a few years ago but hadn't been since then. My daughter of course had no recollection. When we were going through the place I remembered how we used to bring the kids there when they were babies and complain how we had to lift them up to see the tanks cause they were too high up. Now of course they are so tall and we reminisced over how fast the years have gone by and how long we have known each other since our oldest ones were only 3-5 months old!
It is also nice cause now the kids are old enough where we can let them run around as long as we have a visual on them and we can all seat them at one table to eat and sit at a seperate table ourselves. Kind of nice. :)
In the afternoon I took the kids to my mom's so mom could take my daughter to ballet class while my step dad took my son to the summer reading magic show at the library while I got my hair cut and colored. I then grocery shopped for our house and my dad's and picked up the kids and went to my Dad to eat a quick dinner with him and came home just in time for bedtime!


Our crazy group of kids....

And the outnumbered brave mommies....

The gorgeous view....

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