Thursday, August 8, 2013

Greatest Show on Earth

 Today's combo was loosely based on this photo I snapped in my friend's 'Burda' magazine from Russia. My grandmother used to get these magazines when I was in high school in Turkey and we had a tailor come to the house once a month and I could pick a piece from it to get it made. Brought back so many memories....

 Notice the slight change in my cut (and color).... Total commitment to short hair this time by going very short in the back.... I love the drastic edginess from the side..

Sweater - Costco (!!!!! I KNOW)
Skirt & purse - from Turkey
Sandals - Boutique 9
Bracelets - Target

Today was a busy 3 activity day.... Started with story time and craft at the library. Then we went bowling again. They have this incredible deal which is $1.50 for rentals and $1.50 per game! Kids are totally into it and love to compete against each other.
Then we stopped at Kohl's for some back to school shopping and headed home for a quick rest and change and dinner then it was to the Circus with the kids and my Dad! It was a late show so the kids didn't go to bed until 10 PM. Lets see how that plays out in the morning. Unfortunately our kids are not the type that wake up late if they go to bed late. They are the type that wake up around 6 AM every morning regardless of what they go to bed!

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  1. yes, i do notice the cut first time..really sharp and you look awesome!!!

    like the outfit too....especially the necklace!!


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