Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If you want to go on take a ride with me

Today's combo was inspired by the Victoria's Secret catalog:

The concept was the paisley fluid pants with a matching tone blouse tied at waist. Hers are in peach/coral tones mine are blue.

I bought these pants on clearance from threadsence last year but realized they were too long so had to get them hemmed when I was getting my bridesmaid dress done. Finally getting to wear them....

Here are some photos taken at the skateboard park we took the kids this morning:

Blouse - Victoria's Secret (very old)
Pants - Threadsence
Sandals - J Crew
Necklace - Bauble Bar

Had a fun filled day today. Met a group of friends at a skateboard park.
It was a YMCA run park so lots of kids and very family friendly. The kids took a little bit to warm up but soon they were trying out the mini ramps and having a blast. We moved locations a few times to give them a flavor of the place and fed them packed lunches there...

Then the whole group came over to our house for swimming in the pool...

 Who  says skating can't look girly? Don't they just look adorable?


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  2. what a fun skate park! love those pants. i keep picking them up at stores, then putting them back for some reason. i think it's the dry cleaning i'm dreading, haha.

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  3. Beautiful dear. The blue colour and the prints suits you well. I love those trousers! Hope you're doing well. xx :) Madison

  4. Love the outfit on you. The pants are fabulous and you have been doing a great job with your mkeup


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