Saturday, September 21, 2013

Live your life, and stay young on the floor

 This was my outfit Friday.... 
The inspiration from this photo I saved in my digital inspiration folder:
 I decided to go with booties instead of wedges even though I own such wedges cause I wanted something I can wear all day and I really wanted to wear socks. :)

My mom bought me these crazy earrings for my birthday from shopbop. With my short hair they stand out and I thought added a cool pop color to this outfit instead of going with a necklace...

Blouse - J Crew
Pants - Forever 21
Booties - Shoedazzle
Earrings - shopbop
Belt - limited

Our preschool class was off today so we went to a coffee shop with a play area to meet a friend I haven't seen in a while. My daughter loved being somewhere new so it was perfect.
We fit in a quick grocery shopping before picking up my son and coming home. Early evening we went to his school's back to school family picnic as a family. Such a difference from last year's shy boy who wouldn't even go so say 'hi' to a friend without us. This year the minute we arrived he was gone, hooking up with friends and playing. My daughter was just the same running off even though she knows no one, making friends within 5 minutes and joining in. Lots of sweets and head to two glow in the dark gadget purchases. The kids danced to the DJ music until 8 PM. The kids look so grown up when they are dancing in a club atmosphere and the parents feel so old.  Such a fun night though.

 Playing 'two touch' his favorite new playground game....

Break dancing...

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  1. Love the oufit! I have jeans similar and I have been wearing them often. Your son is getting tall


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