Friday, October 4, 2013

Lucky Feathers

 Today's red pant combo was inspired by an old 'shopbop' lookbook photo:

These pants are ridiculous old but I can never bring myself to give them up because they are made out of this Jersey material. They hold their shape even though they are stretch, you can machine was them and they don't need ironing and they fit perfect.
I was going to pair them with a white linen camisole blouse but then saw this tan cropped tank and decided to go with that instead....
Then it was too simple so added the crazy feather earrings which I feel I might never worn for some fun pop. Everyone commented on the earrings today....

Tank - boutique in PB
Pants - Forever 21
Shoes - Anthropologie
Earrings - Some website I can't remember now. 

Did the usual pre-school today but my mom came at the end to pick up my daugthter and I went home for couple hours which I used to do laundry and clean the garage. After picking up my son from school we went to the park for a little bit then went to his swim team try out. He didn't quite make the team yet but the coach said he is very close just needs a few private lessons to perfect his stroke. He will be one of the youngest kids if he makes it. He swam 200 yards no problem. I was so proud of him. He did everything he was told and asked very specific questions to the coach he had never met all very confident. Afterwards we went to the dollar store then met my mom and daughter for some greek food for dinner. My mom had taken my daughter to her first nutcracker rehearsal this afternoon which was at the same time as the swim tryouts....

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  1. Great outfit and love the earrings and the shoes. Scalloped top is really cute. cool shots of Trevor my baby I want to watch him sometime for sure. He is growing before I can blink!


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