Thursday, October 3, 2013

The hardest job you will ever love

 Today's casual combo was chosen to handle my super crazy day. I was inspired by this collage put together by one of the bloggers (I didn't note who). May be the Carrie Fabulous blog:

 Liked this purple, grey combo and liked that it had scarf a jacket and flats and JEANS. Perfect for an all day long busy day....

My brother and SIL gave me this bag couple weeks ago. I love how roomy it is and the color is just perfect. :)

 Isn't this a cute beanie? I loved the rhinestone detailing. My dad noticed all these details when I met him for his Dr. appt today. 

Jacket - Nike
Jeans - Old Navy
Scarf - Kika Paprika
Sneakers - hi top converses
Purse - Harvard
Earrings - Kate Young for Target
Hat and tee - Forever 21

Oh my goodness today was crazy. Left the house at 8:30 AM. Went to my daughter's ballet class. Then in rocket speed purchased a missing piece of our gift to my niece and got lucky and there was a UPS store next to there so got to ship it all in one very fast errand run. Then rushed to my Dad's Dr. appt. My aunt watched the little princess while I went in with my dad. Unfortunately there was a lot of wait and it took quite long so we only had a half hour to eat lunch together then it was rushing back to my son's school to pick him up with a quick stop at home to pick up soccer gear and more food for my constantly hungry kids. Stopped at the library for a little while so we can return and check out our weekly books. Then walked to my son's tennis class. During his class got my daughter dressed for soccer and rushed from there to her soccer practice where my sis and brother in law joined us.
After soccer it was the usual team dinner at Rubio's then home for a much much needed shower for the kids and getting them to bed.
I am quite exhausted but wrapped up Homeland season 2 episodes right now.

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  1. Looks like you chose well for your day. Comfy shoes always factors in a crazy day for me. I love that scarf! :)/Madison


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