Friday, October 25, 2013

Mad as a Hatter

 Today was the Halloween Carnival at my daughter's Preschool. She wore her 1 of 3 costumes which was the 'Diamond Fairy'. AND I wore my new costume (which I will support for many Halloween's to come): Mad Hatter!
 This was a pretty great deal as all of these pieces came in one set. The headband, the bowtie, dress, jacket, stockings and it also had blue lace gloves that I forgot to wear!

I wore lace boyshorts underneath the skirt but it was till very very short. THe cool thing is the class is a very safe place as it is indoors and only consist of mommies and kids. :)

 Mad Hatter Costume - Party City (online)
Heels - Steven by Steve Madden

My Pretty Diamond Fairy
 We got the idea for this costume form the Chasing Fireflies catalog. And a great way to wear her gorgeous flower girl dress from my sister's wedding one more time. The wings are form the dollar store. The necklace is mine and the tiara is also mine from my 'black swan' costume couple years ago. Her own pewter ballet flats. 
 She was ecstatic that we got to put make-up and face paint on her. And although I forgot to take a photo she had metallic silver nail polish on applied by my sister last night.


The Halloween Carnival in school consists of mom's coming up with a fun booth where the kids will do an activity or art and then get a treat or toy in return…

Our booth was called 'Make a Web, Get a Drink'.
We had the kids scoop marbles dipped in white paint on a black round paper which was in a pie plate and swirl it around to create 'spider webs'. Then they chose a plastic insect/creature to glue to be stuck in their web…
As a treat they kept their artwork and also got a cup of the spiderlacious drink.

 Some kids were scared of the green drink with a floating spider in it. Some were so hooked on it. This little one drank 5+ cups!
(The punch is made of Pineapple Juice, sprite, touch of cranberry and lime jello for the color)

I loved this tee my friend who is expecting wore:

The Pirates….

The Witches….

The Superhero's….

And the whole group of mommies and our Teacher (in red riding hood costume):

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  1. OMG! Your costume is amazing! The best I've seen in years!

    You really hit a home-run here. If you'll let me, I'd like to include this costume in my Halloween post. I invited everyone to send in pictures which I'm showing (with links to their blogs). Let me know if that would be okay. A costume this fabulous deserves to be seen!


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