Monday, October 21, 2013

Off to the see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz

Today's combo was a Fall 2013 J Crew catalog inspired outfit:
 I loved the combo of black skirt with graphic tee and fedora topped with a denim shirt...

Fedora - Vintage
Denim Shirt, Skirt - Forever 21
Tee - Marni for H&M 
Oxfords - Shoedazzle
Earrings - Cookie Lee

Monday's are rough. After a weekend of sleeping in (until 8 AM) getting up at 6:45 seems brutal. Plus we are never truly ready it seems to start off the week of making lunches, finding lunch bags, gathering school work etc... We manage to get out the door but is quite stressful.
We ran some errands after dropping off my son and before preschool and after preschool. Then came back home to finish putting away the laundry and getting the house back in order. Then went to pick up my son and met my friend and her daughter at the mall for an afternoon playdate and early dinner.
My hubby took over there so I could go meet up with my girls for happy hour and dinner.
This morning I was about to flake on all these plans but somehow as the day progressed I gather up the energy to do it all. It is probably because there is absolutely no down time what so ever to allow my brain to communicate to my body how tired I am.  :)


  1. i hear you...i hate mondays, although my son never allows me to sleep in on weekends. he will lie on me, talk to me, jump on my bed until i get up! i actually realized he's a pretty good alarm on school days as i'm horrible getting up in the morning with all i do at night!

    cute outfit. great that the tee has a black neckline to tie in with the black skirt!


  2. I love fedoras! And this combination looks great--the elements are a little unexpected when worn all together, and I like that!

  3. Nice duplication. It sounds like you need to slow down so that you don't get sick. Every time I go way to hard, I get sick to make me slow down. Ever happen to you?

  4. I know the feeling about getting out of the door on weekdays, it can feel quite brutal! Love your interpretation of the J Crew image!


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